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Organic Bulgarian lavender floral water

At the beginning of year 2018, I visited a Lavender garden in Tasmania and found that Lavender floral water is suitable for any skin type, and has a deep moisturizing effect on damaged, dry , yet oily skin.

If your skin is very difficult to take care, you need a great toner. The Lavender floral water is a solution for combination skin that is dry and yet very greasy on hot weather. This kind of skin type usually very sensitive to the changes of weather, it is very easily has acne and dark spots.

Remember my words, the simpler the skin care, the healthier your skin will become! The first step in skin care is to choose a good toner! Lavender flower water is the favorite of lazy people,just a bottle of Lavender floral water, you can have many amazing effects, such as: instantly minimize pores, balance the secretion of oil and make the skin instantly smooth and translucent!

Why I know this? Because I am using it myself! I remember after returning from Tibet, my skin absorbed a lot of ultra-violet rays and almost had a skin burnt. I used the floral water for only two weeks. My combination skin is well treated by Lavender floral water . I don’t need to buy other products to control sebum, and I don’t have to spend time to apply mask. My skin become so healthy and the skin tone become white again !

Now, we are selling an organic Bulgarian lavender floral water 100ml (can be used for 1-2 months). this floral water created by traditional distillation method, the plant essence separated in the extraction from essential oils, the fragrance is light and pleasant. Science has confirmed the multiple skin care effects of Lavender floral water, which helps to wake up the skin and promote the absorption of serum and other follow-up skin care routine. Using Lavender floral water as a toner, spraying lavender water before shaving can slow down the redness of the skin. Lavender flower water has a calming effect on the body, emotions and spirits. It can be used to calm emotions and keep your mind clear. If you feel stressful, headache and nervousness, it can help to stabilize your thoughts, reduce heat and bring you a cool feeling.

For your info, our organic Bulgarian lavender floral water is alcohol-free, does not contain any chemicals Ingredients, it is also free from animal testing.

Contact us if you are interested to purchase. This product also help to reduce visibility of dark spots.

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