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Testimonial : ” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 

” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 
Sha, 46 years old, Malaysian, married woman with 3 kids

Many years ago, I was unhappy with small dark patches around my cheek bone. I heard laser treatment can solves the problem. Therefore, I went to Dr. XXX Skin Specialist Center for laser treatment. After 2 sessions, I was very happy because my dark patches faded away. However, the good new only last for one week, the dark patches come back again. This time, my skin doctor introduced The Duet Yellow Light Laser to me. According to him, this is a stronger laser that will cure my stubborn dark patches. He recommended one session per month, I finally decided to go for it.

After I finished 13 sessions, my temple and cheek area developed a large area of dark patches. As in the photo (before), my right face was horrible, the pigmentation appeared in rectangle shape and it was like being burned by the leakage of laser beam light. When I questioned my skin doctor, he said I need some rest and he prescribed some drugs for repair the skin. I took it for a month, nothing really happened. I was very sad and disappointed, laser treatment not only wasting my money and time, but also ruined my life. I have very low self-esteem. Everyday when I step out from my door, I need to apply very thick make up and wearing scarf to cover my ugly face.

One day, I met Alexander Ho from Ho Modesty Consultancy, he treated me with 100% Chinese herbs products. After 6 months, I have a very encouraging result, my skin tone become brighter and the dark patches break down gradually. I think those photos speak for themselves. Chinese herbs really work!

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