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Testimonial : ” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 

” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 
Sha, 46 years old, Malaysian, married woman with 3 kids

Many years ago, I was unhappy with small dark patches around my cheek bone. I heard laser treatment can solves the problem. Therefore, I went to Dr. XXX Skin Specialist Center for laser treatment. After 2 sessions, I was very happy because my dark patches faded away. However, the good new only last for one week, the dark patches come back again. This time, my skin doctor introduced The Duet Yellow Light Laser to me. According to him, this is a stronger laser that will cure my stubborn dark patches. He recommended one session per month, I finally decided to go for it.

After I finished 13 sessions, my temple and cheek area developed a large area of dark patches. As in the photo (before), my right face was horrible, the pigmentation appeared in rectangle shape and it was like being burned by the leakage of laser beam light. When I questioned my skin doctor, he said I need some rest and he prescribed some drugs for repair the skin. I took it for a month, nothing really happened. I was very sad and disappointed, laser treatment not only wasting my money and time, but also ruined my life. I have very low self-esteem. Everyday when I step out from my door, I need to apply very thick make up and wearing scarf to cover my ugly face.

One day, I met Alexander Ho from Ho Modesty Consultancy, he treated me with 100% Chinese herbs products. After 6 months, I have a very encouraging result, my skin tone become brighter and the dark patches break down gradually. I think those photos speak for themselves. Chinese herbs really work!

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Why face massage by bare hands are better than using face massage electric device?

You might don’t believe, our hands have amazing healing energy. When we have toothache or stomach ache, we often use our palm to cover those painful area. This is the natural healing power from our palm, because the palm can release trace radiation that can promote vibration and activation to the deep skin cells. By rubbing your palms to produce warm feeling and practice deep stomach breathing, you can have a perfect face massage.

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Can you tell me what kind of foods contain Vitamin A?

Foods rich with Vitamin A :
Liver, egg, cheese, eel fish, green leafy & yellow vegetables ( spinach, carrot, pumpkin, lettuce, leek etc).
Tips : Because Vitamin A is insoluble in water, normal cooking method will retain the Vitamin A in food. In another hand, Vitamin A is soluble in oil, preparation of dishes that come with oil will make better adsorption of Vitamin A.

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I seldom sweat, how can I reduce toxins from my skin?

In order to have great skin, we must know how to remove toxins and metabolic wastes from our bodies. One of the method we recommend is warm soak therapy. First, adjust water temperature around 39°C in bath tub, do not soak your whole body, only soak from your lower limbs until your navel. Pour water to upper body regularly. Always remember to prepare hot tea or lemon juice drink (high in Vitamin C) during therapy, drink before, during and after the therapy, so that you won’t dehydrated.

This therapy will take 1 to 2 hours each time. Depend on your body type, some will be able to sweat after 10 days of therapy. Some might take 20 days to release the sweat. Warm soak and hot water therapy are not the same. Only warm water soak helps the body to release strange odor sweat (Detox effect).

* People who have high blood pressure, heart condition problems or kidney diseases must consult their physician before enroll in any type of natural therapy.